Watch A Giant Squid Try To Climb On To A Swimmer’s Paddle Board

Giant squids have been a fantastical part of history for a very long time. The idea of the Kraken wasn’t just made out of thin air, and there’s a reason why it commonly represents doom in folklore.

Needless to say, the Kraken itself may not exist, but the giant squids that it was based on most definitely do. And if you are to take anything away from this article it should be that the ocean is downright terrifying.Squid

Giant squids are also extremely rare. They are so rare that you can find a single comprehensive spreadsheet documenting each sighting on wikipedia. Two years ago in December 2015, a “small” giant squid made international news after being sighted in Japan’s Tomoya Bay and yet another was found on the coast of Ireland earlier year.

Considering how rare these squids are, no one really thinks about the possibility of finding one while out in the ocean. It’s hard to know what the correct protocol is for dealing with a giant squid while paddleboarding, especially when one wraps its tentacles around your paddleboard.

The amazing moment was caught on video by Instagram user James Taylor just off the coast of South Africa. Understandably, the woman in the video was swearing quite a lot out of shock, not that we blame her.

Click NEXT PAGE to watch the video of the squid and don’t forget to SHARE with your Facebook friends!Taylor said in the comments section of his Instagram post that he and two friends were paddle-boarding in Melkbosstrand, about 22 miles from Cape Town. They came across an injured giant squid. Apparently the squid had been wounded in a fight with another predator and was on the verge of dying.

“Unfortunately it was very injured,” Taylor said. “Had lost a couple of tentacles and had some bite marks on the upper part of its body.” Unfortunately, the squid did not make it. Taylor claims that he and his friends wanted to get the squid to safety before it could be killed by a seal but they were unsuccessful in their attempt.

There’s no information on how big this squid really was, but from the video footage it seems to be larger than Taylor’s paddleboard. Those who have watched the video have estimated the squid to be at least 15-feet long.