Cruel Mother Kicks Her Baby Daughter Because She Won’t Stop Crying (Video)

A traumatizing video recently surfaced, showing a disgusting mother who is KICKING her young baby while the child lays on the floor.

The person recording the video has been called into question as they didn’t even attempt the abuse, but decided to record it for the internet!
The 27-year old mother known as “Chen” from the Guangdong province of southeast China has made headlines around the world for her horrible abuse.

Chen should be in jail right now, right? Well after police investigation of the video, Chen was only given a verbal WARNING!
Chen says she regrets her actions, and only lashed out on the baby due to tons of stress and anger which shouldn’t have been directed at the infant.
“Still crying?” Chen says in the video as she walks up to her traumatized baby on the floor. Her actions were so gross as if she were a demented stranger to the child.

Thankfully, the child didn’t sustain any injuries from the physical abuse, and she’s now under the care of her grandparents.